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Make it Moray for business services

  • Perfect location for a near-shoring location. A great reputation for outsourcing but with a comparatively few competitors for the available workforce.
  • Untapped opportunity - 435,000 people within a one hour drive of Keith but there is no business process outsourcing presence.
  • Direct air links to every major city in England
  • Salaries less than half average paid in London Docklands

Scotland is a strong location for business process outsourcing. The following factors demonstrate the success of the industry in the area:

  • 86,000 people are employed in contact centres across Scotland
  • There has been a growth in employment of 54% since 2003
  • At least 400 business process outsourcing operations within Scotland
  • The business process outsourcing sector generates around £10bn for the economy
  • 18.6% of the working population in Scotland is employed in financial or business services
  • 18% of the working age population is educated to degree level or higher

Over the past two decades, the financial and business services sector has built up a successful track record in the Highlands and Islands.

The region excels in critical business performance areas including customer satisfaction and call resolution, staff retention, low absenteeism and running costs.

Potential for Growth

There are significant opportunities for growth in the region, notably business process outsourcing, shared service, homeworking and contact centre operations. Key players such as BT, Capgemini, Fujitsu, HEROtsc, Intelenet, TalkTalk, and Vertex are all based in the area. servicing their own clients, blue chip companies and key public sector organisations.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) supports the sector via the development of a sectoral strategy, relationship and account management of key companies, catalysing and funding sectoral growth and innovation projects, sector profile-raising and leadership programmes.

The key to the opportunity for business services in Moray is the untapped resource. Numbers employed in the sector are proportionately low in comparison with the skills available.

Moray can be regarded as a high quality near-shoring location for business process outsourcing. The advantages of a near-shoring location are that the company gains through: 

  • Time zone proximity
  • Geographic proximity
  • Cultural affinity
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Visa advantages
  • Strong technical skills
  • Some cost advantage
  • Common language

The result is a closer relationship with the client of the centre and better satisfaction rates from the users.

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