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Temporary closure of Cairngorm funicular

The Cairngorm funicular railway has stopped operating as a safety precaution, while further investigations are carried out into new concerns raised in a recent routine inspection.

The concerns relate to structures supporting the track. Engineers recommended closure until this is investigated fully and any remedial work carried out.

  • Q. When did the concerns about the funicular track come to light?

    A. A report on the 2018 routine annual inspection, carried out by ADAC, of the Cairngorm Funicular was delivered to CML in July 2018. Following this report CML requested ADAC to undertake an additional more detailed report specifically on the ‘Ancon bearings’. These sliding bearings enable movement of the track support structure. 
  • Q. What action has been taken and how long will the service remain closed?

    A. Specialist engineers COWI were appointed on 10th September, to carry out a detailed structural assessment of the area concerned. Final on-site testing has been delayed due to bad weather, with a final report now expected in January 2019.

    Once COWI has thoroughly investigated the structures, we should be able to assess when the funicular can re-open. 
  • Q. What impact will this have on the start of the tourist season?

    A snow making machine and eight snow cannons arrived on site on 27 November and are operating successfully.

    This will guarantee a limited amount of snow on the lower beginner slopes, and enable ski tows to take skiers to the upper slopes when conditions there are good.

    As the lifts rely on good snowfall to operate, however, it is worth bearing this in mind when planning your visit to Cairngorm Mountain for skiing.
  • Q. Will the Ptarmigan Restaurant remain closed?

    A. Sadly, the funicular is the only method of transport to the Ptarmigan building, which means visitors to the mountain will be unable to use the facilities and visit the Ptarmigan while the railway remains out of service. The Day Lodge will continue to provide refreshments and toilet facilities during the Ptarmigan closure.
  • Q. What will the ticket prices be for the 2018/2019 season?

    A. Revised ticket prices have been agreed to reflect the funicular outage. See our news release for full details.   


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