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Community Planning Partnership 

Community planning is a process whereby public agencies and other key stakeholders work together to deliver better services and, through representation and participation, involve people and communities in the decisions that affect them most.

The Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership was set up in 2001 to coordinate the delivery of services and other activities in Argyll and Bute to improve the quality of life and physical environment for residents and visitors to the area.

HIE is an active partner across several groups that make up the partnership. Activity is focused on 4 key themes: 

  • Theme 1 - Economy 
    The Partnership need people to have the right skills and attitudes to seize opportunities. They work to ensure that the local economy is diverse, dynamic and highly adaptable to attract people of all ages to live and work within the region. 
  • Theme 2 - Environment
    Argyll and Bute is an area of great natural beauty and diversity. It has huge potential for energy generation, food and drink, leisure and tourism. The Partnership work to develop the area further, whilst protecting and enhancing what makes it attractive
  • Theme 3 - Social affairs 
    The Partnership aim to deliver the best services for their customers. To do this, they need to have policies, protocols and processes that focus on their customers' needs. Their employees need to have the right skills and tools to do their jobs. They work to make the most of the resources by working with their partners to deliver services in a different way
  • Theme 4 - Third sector and communities 
    There are long distances between the places where people live, work and visit and some of the communities are very small. The Partnership work to find innovative ways to delivering services to make sure their communities are strong, resilient to change, fair and inclusive.

Find out more on the Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership website






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