Why invest in the Highlands and Islands?


The Highlands and Islands draws on a quality workforce, characterised by high levels of skills and motivation. The area's workforce is both adaptable and resourceful, responding to changing economic demands.

Inverness Campus, opening 2015, will offer high standards of education, therefore producing a high number of top achievers equipped with the best skills.

Inward investment

The Highlands and Islands have played a key role in securing successful investment, providing the region with a competitive advantage. Leading companies such as Atos, LifeScan, Capita and Fujitsu have chosen to locate and expand their operations here.


Rollout of superfast broadband across the whole of the Highlands and Islands will begin in 2013, increasing the ability of our businesses to compete in the global market place, attract successful inward investment and have strong, vibrant and connected communities.

Strong partnership

We work with our partner agency Scottish Development International (SDI) in order to help companies secure investment and maximise the opportunities which the Highlands and Islands and Scotland offers.

Development opportunities

Significant investments in projects such as Inverness Campus and the European Marine Science Park have contributed to the strong portfolio of inward investment opportunities in the Highlands and Islands.


The region is well connected and accessible with access to uncongested trunk roads, main rail stations, harbours and ferries and airports. Inverness airport has recently introduced an Amsterdam service which operates daily to Schipol airport, connecting passengers to hundreds of world wide destinations.


From Life sciences, Energy to Business services, the Highlands and Islands exhibits a diverse business mix.

Quality of life

The Highlands and Islands regularly scores highly in quality of life surveys, combining the attractions of a spectacular natural environment with opportunities for great quality of life, enhanced by diverse cultural activity.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership

We strive to support the development of a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership in the Highlands and Islands, and we have developed a suite of support services for both new and existing investors.

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