Skills and our workforce

Like any business, we understand the availability of skills is a key factor in deciding where to locate your business. The Highlands and Islands exhibit a readily available and dynamic pool of talent, equipped with a diverse range of skills.

Why do businesses choose to invest in the Highlands and Islands? When we ask investors, they all give the same answer - It's our people.

Investors located in the Highlands and Islands enjoy exceptional levels of employee loyalty and very low rates of staff turnover.  Their people are skilled, quick to learn and have a strong work ethic.

In the Highlands and Islands investors have access to a range of support from organisations such as Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Job Centre Plus and high calibre recruitment agencies to address skills requirements for each sector of employment.

The region offers high standards of education, from primary to secondary levels through to university and college provision.  These provide a sound base for careers and vocations. 

HIE is working in partnership with a number of academic institutes to support businesses in areas such as business development and research and development. These include:

Businesses in the region have the option to access the Graduate Placement Programme and the Summer Placement Programme through TalentScotland, coordinated by HIE. This programme is a talent attraction project designed to help businesses in Scotland. Businesses can employ undergraduates and graduates from 3-12 months. These programmes provide access to the skills and knowledge of some of Scotland's finest graduates.

For more information on schools please visit the following local authorities: 



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