Our economy

Scotland is a modern economy which is rich in economic potential.  We operate in a broad range of sectors including:

In Business Services, business process outsourcing activity is important to the region's economy, amongst a total working population of 236,000, it employs around 4,000 people. Similarly in Energy, renewable energy plays a key role in both Scotland's and the Highlands and Islands economy, employing approximately 22,000 people across Scotland.  In Life Sciences, roughly 1,800 are employed in this sector.

Development of these key sectors will help to create a more dynamic and faster growing economy, ultimately increasing prosperity of the region.

Vast levels of investment have transformed communications and raised living conditions for the majority of habitants throughout the region.

HIE aims to support businesses, social enterprises and communities to create and retain jobs each year.

For more information on the Highlands and Islands economy, please visit the economic reports and research section.

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