The Enterprise sites in the Highlands and Islands region are:

Life Sciences Enterprise Area

Inverness Campus (Highland) - a 5.5 hectare site which is part of a larger site housing the University of the Highlands & Islands, the Centre for Health Science and the Scottish Agricultural College, the site will provide opportunities in research and development as well as in the provision of incubation units.

Enterprise Park Forres (Moray) - located in Moray the Enterprise Park is proving to be a thriving location, for a diverse mix of businesses. Developed by HIE, the park extends over 9.3 hectare of land offering an excellent working environment, with an inspirational range of high quality units each flexibly designed for office, lab or industrial space.

Low Carbon / Renewables North Enterprise Area

Arnish (Western Isles) - sited in Lewis this is the only industrial site of scale (43.9 hectares) in the Outer Hebrides. It offers short-term opportunities in off-shore wind generation and medium to long term opportunities in wave generation and was identified in N-RIP as an integrated manufacturing site.

Nigg (Highland) - this site, identified as a strategic location for integrated manufacturing in N-RIP, has recently been purchased by Global Energy Group who intend to develop the site as a service hub for the energy industry. The Enterprise Area site is 66 hectares.
Hatston (Orkney) - a 11 hectare marine site identified in the National Renewables Infrastructure Plan (N-RIP). Six purpose built workshop units were completed in February 2012 and are now available for lease.

Scrabster (Highland) - identified as a priority site in the Northern Marine cluster by the N-RIP this 17 hectare site is ideally situated on the Pentland Firth to take advantage of wave and tidal opportunities. There are potential agglomeration benefits when considered in combination with Hatston and Lyness. The site aims to support marine energy projects planned for the South of Orkney and in the Pentland Firth.

Lyness (Orkney) - a key N-RIP site which has been refurbished as a centre for the assembly, storage and servicing of marine energy devices.  This 14 hectare site offers agglomeration benefits when considered along with Hatston and Scrabster. The site is a deep harbour facility located within Scapa Flow, which is a perfect location for the wet storage of marine devices and can be used to assemble, test, fix and repair marine energy devices.

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