Talent Attraction 

This region offers an increasingly wide range of career opportunities through the vibrant development of our key sectors. We support initiatives to retain young people in the Highlands and Islands while recognising the need to continue to attract well qualified people of working age to this region.

The Highlands and Islands Talent Attraction Strategy aims to:

  • Increase the number of working age people living and working in the region;
  • Reverse the forecast decline in population while rebalancing from aging to young/working age residents by achieving year on year positive net migration;
  • Ensure that businesses located in (or locating into) the Highlands and Islands are able to access an appropriate scale and scope of skilled future talent;
  • Develop a co-ordinated approach across the Highlands and Islands to talent attraction and retention

The current focus is on:

  • Increase promotion of current and future employment, education and training opportunities for young people in the Highlands and Islands
  • Attract new talent into the area
  • Re-attract those that left that are likely to return


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