Regional Skills Investment Plan

The Highlands and Islands is a region of economic growth and opportunity. People and their skills are at the heart of the region’s recent success and will be central to the region’s ability to capitalise on growth opportunities and the associated economic and community benefits.

The Highlands and Islands Regional Skills Investment Plan has been written in partnership between Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the Scottish Funding Council and Skills Development Scotland - to meet the current and future skills needs of employers, to increase opportunities for young people to study, train and work in the region, and to attract more people into the region to take up employment opportunities.

The Plan sets out its findings and a shared understanding of:

  • the region’s recent economic performance and its sectoral and local assets
  • the performance of the labour market and the associated demographic challenges
  • what the partners know about the current skills issues facing employers in the Highlands and Islands
  • where future economic and jobs growth might come from and the opportunities and challenges that might present
  • a framework for future regional action to address the issues identified

Actions will be built around the following five themes:

  • Meeting the current skills needs of employers
  • Anticipating future skills requirements
  • Increasing opportunities for young people to study, train and work in the region
  • People attraction and place attractiveness
  • Strengthening the employer voice in the skills system

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