Tourism Scotland 2020 vision 

The tourism industry's future in the tourism industry's hands

Tourism Scotland 2020 is a strategy focused on quality and growth devised for the tourism industry by the tourism industry.

The Tourism Industry Leadership Group has developed the strategy, a collaborative effort from right across Scotland's tourism industry.  It has quality, value for money and exceeding customer expectations at its core.

The strategy's common goal, is to make Scotland a quality destination of 'first choice', where the nation's outstanding tourism assets, such as nature, heritage, and destination towns and cities, are maximised to their full potential and turned into rich experiences for visitors.

Tourism is already one of Scotland's strongest economic contributors, with overnight visits generating in excess of £4.5 billion annually and day visits adding a further £6.2 billion. Given that tourism accounts for some 200,000 jobs across 20,000 businesses, the strategy's emphasis on collective action and common goals is critical.

So too is the need to know our markets and work together to get our messages across, making much greater use of the powerful Scottish tourism brand across our range of visitor experiences.

The strategy, which aims to achieve an overnight visitor spend of between £5.5bn and £6.5bn by 2020, generating an additional £1 billion or more, looks at the importance of raising and maintaining high levels of quality and customer service - in particular addressing any variations in quality when it comes to accommodation, eating out, travelling, internet and mobile phone coverage. It calls on the industry to commit to gaining and enhancing the relevant skills, knowledge and customer-focused attitude required to deliver consistently high quality experiences for every type of visitor.

The strategy development has been supported by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government. 



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