Marine Tourism - watch again

There is no question that Scotland’s coast and waters are a key part of the Scottish tourism experience, and that Scotland offers spectacular sailing and boating for all abilities - but are we making the most of it? Could we be doing more to encourage longer stays and more spending by offering an even better experience? In March 2015 a marine strategy, ‘Awakening the Giant’, was launched which highlights a market full of opportunities for growth.  So, what are the practical things you can do to awaken your giant?

This session drills down on the practical things you could do in your business to make the most of the opportunities marine tourism presents. Whether visitors are kite surfing or sailing they will be looking for authentic experiences. Our experts share practical tips on how they target this market, their experiences on what marine tourists look for and the reasons behind their success.

Guest speakers

Bridgeen Mullen

Rob Brown

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