Leisure Cycling - watch again

The leisure cycling industry in Scotland has been valued at a whopping £239 million. That’s on par with golf tourism! But it should come as no surprise as Scotland has the varied terrains, beautiful scenery, wildlife and historic attractions to satisfy a wide range of cyclists. But do you know how to get the most out of this growing market? Are you unsure about how to reach leisure cyclists? Could there be an advantage in working with other local businesses? There can be a lot to think about.

Most importantly you need to know who these customers are, what they like and what they expect so your business can meet their expectations. Our industry experts discuss how you can reach these leisure cyclists. They also describe their own experiences in providing for leisure cyclists and what effect it has had on their business and the local area.

Guest Speakers

Mark Shimidzu, Wheels Cycling Centre

Neil Lapping, Macs Adventure

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