Cultural Tourism - watch again

Cultural tourism is one of Scotland’s greatest unique selling points. Is your business making the most of this opportunity? As digital continues to make tourism more accessible worldwide the one thing that will always make your business unique is the local culture. Scotland’s cultural offering is a key attraction for holidaymakers choosing Scotland as a holiday destination. More visitors are choosing their holiday destinations based on the variety and quality of the cultural product. 28% of visitors to Scotland specifically come to learn about the Scottish culture and heritage. Are you offering your customers a unique cultural experience? Do you know your local legends?

Our experts discuss how they use local culture to promote their business. They delve into the experiences they have had with cultural tourism, what works and what doesn’t. If you want your business to stand out take this opportunity to learn from our guests who have successfully capitalised on their local cultural assets.

Guest Speakers

Fiona Manson, Chair HADTAG, Coynachie Guest House

Terry Cleaver, Knockando Woollen Mill

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