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It is said that the way to any visitor’s heart is through their stomach. Scotland is full of delicious local produce.  Whisky, ales, scones, shortbread, jams and of course, haggis, are world famous!

Turning food and drink into an unforgettable experience, what better way is there to attract visitors to your business? Trying local food and produce comes a very close second to sightseeing in the list of top activities undertaken by visitors to Scotland.

Research shows a growing trend in visitors looking for a local experience of food and drink as part of their trip. Do you serve traditional dishes, or use local produce? Shout about it! Interest in provenance is growing, as consumers now seek transparency when it comes to the origin of their food.

As well as meals out -  festivals, events, food trails or a simple tasting are all great ways to attract visitors. With the added bonus of it being Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink , the country is being marketed as a culinary destination not to be missed, so there is no better time to make the most of it. Our experts describe their own experiences in turning food and drink into an experience. They discuss what works, why it works and the reasons behind their success. A must watch session for any business involved in food produce whether you make it yourself, sell it or serve it.

Guest Speakers

Gareth Crichton, Ferry Inn Stromness

Tanja Lister, Kylesku Hotel

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