Google, Facebook, YouTube - Analytics - Is my website working?

Since our webinar ‘Is my website working?’ analytics have become an indispensable tool in successful online marketing. Are you measuring the impact of your online presence by using Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter analytics? Are your online marketing campaigns successful? Do you want to save valuable time and money by focusing on the activities that generate the most sales for you?

Google, social media and YouTube analytics are all advanced technologies which can help you measure how your business is performing online. By using these tools, you’ll be able to gather vast amounts of data and get right to the core of what works for you and what doesn’t. Businesses monitoring and reacting to their online analytics are reporting an increase in sales of up to 50% – find out how you can join them!

Our speakers discussed their experiences of using analytics, the challenges they have faced and the key things they have done to make this new technology work for them. 

Guest speakers:

Laura Adamson, Scottish Seabird Centre

Martin Oxby, Summit Web Solutions

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