Technology and Advanced Engineering


The Technology and Advanced Engineering (TAE) sector in the Highlands and Islands has been providing cutting edge innovative solutions and products for over 40 years. The sector will continue to grow and provide a source of skilled well-paid jobs, opportunities and major economic benefit to the region.

From technology companies developing world class software solutions to specialist engineering companies servicing markets in aquaculture, energy, manufacturing and food and drink, the impact and reach of the sector is significant and growing. The TAE sector in the HIE region comprises  three key sub sectors Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing and Timber Industries and Construction. HIE will work closely with key partners to help support the sector ensuring that the infrastructure, skills, technology and innovation required to grow the sector are developed. 


Digital Technology

We are working with the trade body, ScotlandIS, to research and profile our technology subsector. This will inform opportunities for growth and barriers to growth. The sector ranges from large multi-nationals like Atos and Capgemini to new start ups. 

SDI’s current strategy is focused on specific technology sub sectors and geographies, proactively targeting new from new investment. Regionally it makes sense for us to follow this strategy for new/new investment as well as supporting existing investors to secure and grow operations. This aspect of sector growth is led by HIE’s Inward Investment team.


Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering companies range from large multi-nationals operating on a global scale to smaller traditional companies servicing a local market. Sector activity is spread throughout the area and there are strong clusters of engineering activity in Shetland, Moray and IMF. 

While some of our engineering companies serve the oil and gas market there has, in general, been a trend towards diversification and sector innovation so our client base has been less impacted by the downturn in the oil and gas market than some other areas of Scotland. 


Timber and Construction

We will commission work to identify opportunities to develop and support the construction and timber industries supply chains. This will include ensuring our businesses are exposed to sector expertise and innovation nationally.