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A Scottish life sciences strategy

  • Scottish life sciences strategy - achieving critical mass for sustainable growth 2010
    This Strategy is the result of an industry-led series of consultations and discussions with almost 200 members of the wider community of industry, academia, other research providers, NHSScotland and policymakers. It sets out the vision for the next 15 years for Scotland to have a globally facing and sustainable life sciences sector and proposes a more detailed action plan for the next 2 years.

P4 Digital Healthcare

  • P4 Digital Healthcare Scoping Study                                                           
    Consard Ltd produced a report for Highlands and Islands Enterprise which explores the evolving role of digital technology in health and social care and established emerging opportunties for the region.
  • Global mHealth Developer Survey
    Attracted by the overall market hype around smartphone applications, independent application developers and to a lesser extent traditional healthcare industry players have started to develop and market mHealth applications on the smartphone application stores.

    The global mHealth market survey conducted in summer 2010 examines the opinions about key market trends of both start-up companies and mHealth and traditional healthcare market players that have had experience publishing applications for a smartphone platform.
  • Digital Scotland - by the Royal Society of Edinburgh 2010
    The report sets out why Scotland's digital future is a crucial issue, why Scotland needs to act, and what needs to be done. It suggests how the enterprise could develop as a distinctively Scottish community effort, bringing benefit to the whole of Scotland, without the need formajor Government funding at a time when public expenditure is under great pressure.
  • Sustaining innovation in telehealth and telecare - WSD Action Group
    This paper, the first in a series of WSDAN briefing papers, looks at how telehealth and telecare innovations are being used in health and social care. It considers the range of innovative approaches that have been developed, giving some practical examples.
  • Introducing new technologies into NHS Scotland - a practical guide for industry.
    The NHS in Scotland has a number of key roles in the development and uptake of new technologies to improve and enhance the delivery of healthcare interventions. For the purpose of this document medical technologies (MedTech) are defined as healthcare products used to prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat diseases inhuman beings. They aim to improve the quality of health care delivered and patient outcomes through earlier diagnosis, less invasive treatment options and reductions in hospital stays and rehabilitation times.

P4 Digital Healthcare Conference Presentations

An international perspective on life sciences

  • Boomers, technology and health: consumers taking charge - by Enterprise Forum Northwest

    The MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest (Seattle, WA) has authoredthe report on how boomers will be eagerly adopting and shaping technology in the form of personal connected health devices, applications and services. Boomers currently aged 46-64 (and turning 65 this year) are top consumers already of technology and social networking. And the health need is obvious, with 67% already managing one or more chronic conditions. They also outline opportunities (device integration, mobile/smartphones plus a case for industry leadership in the Northwest) and barriers (who pays and how much; siloed data; interoperability; data security and privacy).

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