NEXUS - a space for co-working and collaboration

NEXUS has been specifically developed for businesses in life sciences, health and technology to provide an innovative, flexible and collaborative environment to grow and develop.

The NEXUS workspace offers different levels of hotdesking and small office and laboratory space in Solasta House, on Inverness Campus.

The collaborative spirit within NEXUS and the wider Inverness Campus enables for connections to be made quickly, be it with business, academia or NHS.

Read more about the importance of good neighbours from Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, Managing Director at Aseptium, one of the tenants in NEXUS:

"Good neighbours matter. Not only because it is so much easier knowing there is someone to sign for your parcel (although this is also an advantage). 

We can meet and exchange ideas, catch up and then return to our respective deks to work on our projects. And the fact that we do not do the same thing also motivates us to practise our pitches as we have someone to introduce our new ideas too.

So yes, good neighbours matter. They motivate us to get even better."

For more information on the rental rates for hot desks and small office space please contact Claire Munro.


NEXUS is funded by the Inverness City Region Deal and the European Regional Development Fund Scotland Programme 2014-2020.