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Digital healthcare, diagnostics and devices

Digital healthcare, ehealth and remote health are all terms which describe the use of information technology to help address challenges faced by global healthcare systems. Challenges include an ageing population, a rise in unhealthy lifestyles, an associated rise in long term conditions and constraints placed on healthcare budgets.

View HIE's Digital Healthcare in the Highlands and Islands brochure.

The Scottish Government's vision for healthcare sets out an ambition for achieving the sustainable delivery of healthcare services across Scotland with the aim of creating an integrated, preventative, personalised and community based model.  

The delivery of efficient, high quality services through digital media has been driven on a national basis by NHS24 (the only national healthboard in Europe with a remit to deliver services using digital technology), complemented by high levels of innovation in regional health boards.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise is working closely with partners in health and social care to ensure Scotland is at the cutting edge of this global market with representation on the Scottish Life Sciences Industry Advisory Group.


LifeScan Scotland in Inverness, part of the multinational Johnson and Johnson group, is the largest Life Sciences employer in Scotland with around 1,100 employees. It is a global leader in the design and manufacture of glucose test strips and meters for monitoring diabetes.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) has worked closely with LifeScan and its predecessor, Inverness Medical Ltd, since 1995. The start-up of Inverness Medical was made possible with an investment in shares and around £5m in grants for building development by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

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