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Research & Development 

The Highlands and Islands is a unique living laboratory for research and development into renewable energy.
Renewable energy is still an emerging sector. Research and development is essential and will play an important role in shaping the industry in the future.

With its relatively sparse population, wide open spaces and richness in renewable energy resource, the Highlands and Islands is unquestionably an ideal location for this research and development. Nowhere else in the UK can boast the same volume and diversity of renewable energy sources, nor such favourable R&D conditions in which to operate.

World-class research and development facilities such as the European Marine Energy Centre and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) are just two examples of the expertise and know-how that is being accumulated in the Highlands and Islands. Across the Highlands and Islands there is a diversity of research and development projects underway, all taking advantage of the unique environment opportunities for R&D.

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