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Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (SARF)

The Scottish Government provides financial support to the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (SARF), which was established as a priority action under the Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture in 2004.

Its aim to promote, encourage and support research and development in aquaculture and related areas, as well as the enhancement of public understanding of aquaculture. SARF also commissions research into areas related to the sustainable development of the Scottish aquaculture industry.

SARF calls for proposals 2013/2014

The Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum (SARF) has announced a call for proposals for research and development projects in the following areas:

  • SARF098: PAMP Refreshment Study
  • SARF099: Survey of Pacific oyster in Scotland
  • SARF100: Novel Treatments for Freshwater Aquaculture
  • SARFSP001: Assessment of the viability of the different life stages of Lepeophtheirus    salmonis following exposure to hydrogen peroxide
  • SARFSP005: Assessment of the viability of Neoparamoeba perurans following exposure to hydrogen peroxide
  • SARFSP006: Availability and use of freshwater resources in Scotland
  • SARFSP007 - Finfish Feed Ingredients
  • SARFSP008: Modelling of the Potential for Shortening the Pen-Based Phase of the Salmon Ongrowing Cycle
  • SARFSP009: Technology and development of Exposed / Offshore Aquaculture in Scotland

Visit the SARF website to find out more and apply 

Deadline for applications

Friday 27th September 2013

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