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Business opportunities in the food and drink sector

The entire food and drink industry operates in a highly competitive environment. In the Highlands and Islands, the same environment that sets the backdrop for customers' perceptions of our produce also presents the very real challenge of physical remoteness from major markets. Combined with a relatively low population, businesses have to rise to the challenge of issues relating to transport, business regulation, staff recruitment and supply chain management.

The key opportunity lies in the strong positive perceptions of the environment of Highlands and Islands and the high quality of food and drink from the Highlands and Islands.

Aquaculture supply chain £1m innovation fund

Small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) are invited to apply for funding from an innovation fund designed to support the development of products and services in the aquaculture supply chain.

The £1 million innovation fund is looking for applications from companies with clearly defined development plans to achieve greater commercialisation of their products.

The pilot programme is being run jointly by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC). It is anticipated that the programme will support increased turnover in the aquaculture sector by around £8 million and create up to 50 jobs.

This is an open call for projects with no deadline for applications.

Applications can be found on the SAIC website

For further information, please contact

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