Wave Energy Scotland IP Availability

Conditions in relation to accessing all WES IP

Wave Energy Scotland ("WES") is willing to make available some of the data and intellectual property which it currently owns and high level details of this are set out in the bullet point list below ("the IP"). The IP may only be accessed with WES’ consent and may only be used for the purposes of fulfilling WES’ objectives. Where WES makes IP available, the IP may only be used for the purposes expressly agreed between WES and the user of the IP (“the Licensee”) and for no other purpose whatsoever.  Use of the IP would be under licence, requiring an appropriate legal agreement to be entered into between WES and the Licensee, a copy of which will be provided by WES.

Please be aware that the IP has not been catalogued in detail and assessment of the quality or quantity of information available has not been completed. WES can therefore provide no guarantee as to the quality or suitability of the IP and all risks in relation to the use of the IP sit with the Licensee. Access to the IP cannot be permitted without further discussion with the potential Licensee to enable WES to assess its request and without the appropriate licencing arrangements being put in place.

WES Project Calls

In particular, the IP may be used to fulfil Research and Development requirements for the projects within the WES calls. Please note that should access to the IP be required to fulfil Research and Development requirements for the projects within a WES call, this licence agreement would be additional to the terms and conditions in relation to the project call which the winning bidder is a part of.

The value of the licence will be treated as an in-kind payment to the winning bidder (in addition to cash payments) in respect of the Research and Development services, which may be subject to VAT. Please note that any licence of the IP to be granted for the purposes of the Research and Development requirements will not permit commercial use or exploitation of the IP. This would be subject to a further licence being entered into on market terms.

If any bidder requires to access or use this IP as part of the Research and Development requirements for a project as part of a WES call, details of this requirement must be provided by the bidder in the application form for the call. Consent must be received from WES regarding the use of the IP prior to submitting the application otherwise the application may be considered non-compliant.

The IP

In summary, the IP comprises of:

  • Patents
  • Pelamis reports on hydraulic PTO
  • Laboratory and full scale machine test data
  • Wave and other environmental data
  • PELS Computer model
  • Selection of test equipment
  • Schematics and circuit diagrams

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