Wave Energy Scotland - frequently asked questions

What sort of entity is Wave Energy Scotland?
Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is leading on the inception of Wave Energy Scotland.   The operating model is being developed and further details will be given once that process is complete. Back to top >

When will Wave Energy Scotland be up and running?
Work to establish the new venture is already under way.  We expect Wave Energy Scotland to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2015.  Back to top >

What will it cost to set up and run Wave Energy Scotland?
The Scottish Government has identified funding within its current budget – HIE cannot confirm a figure at present. Back to top >

What will the WES model look like?
The model is designed to be flexible enough to respond to evolving market and technology developments.  The new body will support wave energy technology development.  As such, significant industry, technical and academic involvement is built in to ensure that there is appropriate focus, challenge and technical accreditation. Back to top >

How many staff will be employed in Wave Energy Scotland?
To keep running costs low, WES will have a small number of core staff to deliver core functions: managing programme activity and controlling budgets.  Contractors will be used as needed for more specialist services. Back to top >

Why should Scotland continue to support and invest in the wave sector when other, proven forms of energy are available?
This is a young industry and the challenges it faces are not unique to Scotland.  Although there have been setbacks, there is no doubt that Scotland has extraordinary potential in wave energy and could become a world leader – if we make the right decisions now. Back to top >

What approach will be taken to overcome the technical problems of wave energy?
A technical review group will be formed to identify the research and development activity that should be funded by WES.  The group will be made up of representatives of industry (e.g. OEMs and utilities) and academia.
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What makes you think Wave Energy Scotland will work?
It is an innovative model, but the principle of establishing a publicly-supported centre of excellence to accelerate sectoral development is well established.  Scotland needs to be able to support the sector in a way which does not rely on private investment at present.  That’s what Wave Energy Scotland gives us. Back to top >


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