WES is funding the development of innovative technologies to produce efficient and reliable components and subsystems which will form the basis of the cost effective generation of wave energy in Scotland.

Despite being in operation for only two years WES has awarded £11.8M to 39 projects so far. Further awards under the Materials Call will be announced in January 2017.

The current programme involves 80 separate organisations in 5 different countries. 

This approach will enable developers to take projects from the earliest stage of development through to proving and demonstration.


WES was established as part of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, at the request of the Scottish Government, during December 2014. A successful outcome will produce a technology which has been through a rigorous process to reduce the technical and commercial risk attached to developing it further.

This is essential for developers to attract private sector investment which will be vital to produce wave energy on a commercially viable scale.

WES is fully funded by the Scottish Government and has a budget of £10m until the end of the financial year in 2017. The budget for the following years is expected to be similar but is subject to parliamentary scrutiny and approval.


Who we are

WES is a new initiative, fully funded by the Scottish Government to accelerate the development of wave energy technology. The Advisory Group provides expert guidance for the annual work programme. Membership of the group includes those with experience in energy sector and also individuals with a background in investment and insurance.

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