Our focus

The Highlands and Islands arguably contain some of the world's finest renewable energy resources. Work to realise this substantially untapped resource is now well underway, bringing with it the reality of significant economic development for the Highlands and Islands.

The vision is to strengthen an already diverse renewable energy industry in the Highlands and Islands and develop a truly mixed renewable energy economy that utilises onshore wind power and also supports the development of wave and tidal energy devices, biomass, and deepwater offshore wind farms.

Working in partnership with industry, the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Funding Council, HIE delivers economic benefits through research, demonstration and deployment initiatives such as the Energy Technology Partnership and the Scottish European Green Energy Centre.

HIE will continue to accelerate the development and deployment of renewable energy and in doing so will secure high levels of economic growth throughout the region.

Real opportunities exist in developing intellectual property, securing long-term local business benefit and potential inward investment in the offshore energy sector (including wave, tidal and offshore wind).

For this reason, HIE will focus its activities around development of the offshore energy sector, including further development of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) on Orkney's capability both on and off-site, taking forward appropriate development of planned and consented projects around our coastline, and exploring opportunities for communities and businesses throughout the Highlands and Islands to participate in the offshore energy industry.

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