Oil and Gas

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland have been involved in the international oil and gas industry for nearly four decades. As a result there is considerable expertise being utilised within the area and exported globally either as product or know-how.

The range of activity in the Highlands and Islands is vast. It includes: 

  • Oil rig inspection, repair and maintenance

  • Decommissioning of redundant structures
  • Oil storage and distribution
  • Fabrication for sub-sea applications
  • Pipe spooling, bundling and assembly
  • Supply operations for exploration and drilling sites
  • Technical support services such as well planning and borehole surveying

Oil and gas strategy 2012-2020

In 2012, the oil and gas strategy was published, aiming to build the industry's success to secure future growth, through a number of priority areas for action.  This was refreshed and updated in 2016, to reflect changes in the sector.  


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