With superb natural resources, modern fabrication and port facilities, and transferable skills from the oil and gas industry, the Highlands and Islands is bidding to be a world capital for renewable energy.

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Life Sciences is a growth sector for the Scottish economy. The Highlands and Islands of Scotland have seen rapid growth from a low baseline over the last ten years.

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From world-class beef and lamb to fresh fish and shellfish, traditional shortbread, Scottish oatcakes and malt whisky, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland has it all.

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The creative industries sector is diverse and fast-growing, and makes an important contribution to the economy and cultural life of the Highlands and Islands.  Scotland's creativity is recognised throughout the world and has a strong international reputation.

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Famous destinations such as the Isle of Skye and Loch Ness with its fabled monster attract large numbers of visitors each year. Global whisky companies such as Diageo and Pernod Ricard showcase their individual brands through 5-star visitor centres, distinctive cultural and sporting events and exciting food and drink festivals.

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Business services organisations in the Highlands and Islands consistently hit levels of performance that outstrip other UK sites. We excel in customer satisfaction and call resolution, in staff retention and low absenteeism, and also on competitive running costs.

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The quality of Scotland's workforce is internationally recognised. With its renowned education system and high ratio of graduates per capita, Scotland surpasses most countries of similar size in Europe.

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