XpoNorth 2017 - Scotland's leading creative industies festival 

XpoNorth is devoted to boosting creative careers in the Highlands and Islands and beyond and takes place each year in June.

XpoNorth 2017

The only event of its kind in Scotland devoted to crafts and designer fashion, gaming, publishing, screen and broadcast as well as music, XpoNorth also attracted leading creative industry insiders, who took part in workshops, panels and masterclass sessions over the course of two days.

XpoNorth was held in venues across the city of Inverness, on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th June. By day, XpoNorth hosted a packed programme of panels and workshops featuring leading industry players in the fields of crafts, publishing, screen, music and more. By night, it offered a beguiling blend of Highland hospitality in the form of relaxed networking events, coupled with a free music showcase in intimate venues and a curated short film programme. All of this was free to access.

It offered volunteering, training opportunities and access to Industry Networks, and facilitated
new network partnerships and business opportunities. 

XpoNorth, is funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Creative genres

The creative genres under the collective banner of XpoNorth are:

  • XpoNorth Crafts/Fashions/Textiles and XpoNorth Writing and Publishing
    Supported by Emergents, the network which co-ordinates HIE industry networks for craft, fashion and textiles as well as writing and publishing. It is managed by Pamela Conacher and Peter Urpeth, who both bring extensive experience in their respective fields of craft, fashion and textiles, and writing and publishing, to XpoNorth.
  • XpoNorth Screen and Broadcasting
    ScreenHI is headed up by Amanda Millen, who is also director of XpoNorth. ScreenHI is the Screen and Broadcast Industry Network for the Highlands and Islands and has been operating for four years. It offers experiences, job opportunities and industry networking to screen and broadcast businesses in the Highlands & Islands.
  • XpoNorth Music
    Managed by former goNORTH music producer Alex Smith along with the team at Ironworks Venue. It has been established as the new Music Industry Network for the Highlands and Islands and will be delivered by Ironworks Group. The 2014 festival showcase schedule in Inverness included much-lauded emerging artists such as Neon Waltz, Baby Strange, Ella The Bird, Hector Bizerk and Broken Records.
  • XpoNorth Events calendar for events and workshops from the above: https://xponorth.co.uk/events/

More information

Keep up to date with what's coming up:

Website: www.xponorth.co.uk
Twitter: @XpoNorth
Facebook: www.facebook.com/xponorth
Instagram: www.instagram/xponorth
Hashtag: #xponorth

How HIE supports XpoNorth