Textile Connector - helping your business connect with innovation and skills


Are you a Scottish textile company committed to adapting and evolving your business? Are you looking to invest in innovation across your people, products and processes?

If so, you can get some industry specific guidance using our textiles connector service. The Connector will let you know about the full range of skills and innovation services available to you. They will signpost you to the most appropriate support so you can turn your propositions into plans, and your projects into profit.

What’s involved

If you have a textile growth plan then we can advise what support may be available and we will connect you to the right people to discuss your project further.

Your plans for growth could include:

  • Collaborating with a college or university on research
  • Investing in developing the skills of your workforce
  • Developing a manufacturing excellence programme
  • Creating a new product innovation process

Please contact Fiona Paton at Fiona.Paton@hient.co.uk a member of our textile connector team and she will be in touch with you.