Black Isle Bronze

Established by Farquhar Laing in 1994, Black Isle Bronze is the UK's leading bronze foundry and the largest foundry in Scotland. It uses both lost wax and sand casting techniques, meaning the business can undertake both very large and very detailed commissions that many other foundries would be unable to accept.

Farquhar, who hails from the Black Isle, started the business as a one man band, with just £200 for materials, but now employs nine staff and has orders booked for the next year. The business also has a strong track record of employing young talent from local schools.

The business has undertaken a number of extremely high profile commissions over the years across the UK and abroad, including a striking four-face 'Smiths of Derby' clock for the new Waldorf Astoria to be opened in 2014 along the famous Palm in Dubai.

HIE has worked closely with them for the past 10 years and has supported its international growth plans.

The company's work can be seen at the Mercat Cross in Inverness's Eastgate Centre and Tree of Life at Cawdor Castle, to the Batsman at Lord's Cricket Ground and Rainbow Division Memorial at Fere en Tardenois in Northern France - the company has developed a reputation for quality and excellence.

Farquhar Laing, said: "The support we have received from HIE has been crucial not only to increasing our volumes and throughput, but in giving us the space to focus on only using the best quality tools and materials. It is because of this that we can attract and retain some of the best and most skilled people in the country. As a result, we have five particularly highly skilled and talented people working in Nairn all year round. At the moment we are phenomenally busy with new projects and more orders are continually coming in."

HIE have built up a strong relationship with Black Isle Bronze. International trade and investment offers exciting new opportunities to businesses and, in partnership with Scottish Development International, HIE have a comprehensive system of programmes and advice available.


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