Creative Industries

Our focus on creative industries 

HIE is pursuing work designed to address structural issues and market failure in the Creative Industries sector. This focuses on creating the conditions for business growth through networking and effective distribution, as well as an aggressive international strategy.

At an operational level, as well as supporting company development, HIE will focus on three key areas: idea development including finance and training for R&D, with the aim to improve the standard of ideas and support better development; distribution, how to get the product to market, including marketing, attendance at trade events/showcasing; and networking and creating profile at a national and international level.

HIE is also concentrating on supply chain and sectoral development activities that are important to the development of Creative Industries in the region. In supporting the sector, HIE will work closely with Creative Scotland.

HIE's objectives are to work in partnership with regional industry groupings and a variety of other partners to grow the sector initially to:

  • Be worth 7% of the economy of the region, (roughly in line with Scotland as a whole)
  • Aim towards doubling turnover within 5 years (excluding retail elements)
  • Increase the % contribution to the GVA and turnover of all industries in the region, to above Scottish levels

Key areas of focus for HIE

  • Networking and public/private sector partnerships
    Work with local industry trade groupings to develop and deliver HIE support programmes and to create local, national and international networks. HIE will also work with these groupings to provide specialised business advice, mentoring, and management support, whilst identifying and addressing skills gaps.
  • Showcasing
    Continue to deliver HIE's programme of supporting businesses to promote the region at trade events and showcases nationally and internationally, working with partners such as Scottish Development International. Continue to develop xpoNorth (previously goNORTH), the Scottish creative industries showcase and identify and develop further partnership opportunities.
  • Research and Development
    Provision of training and advice to support the development of new ideas for content. Typically, R&D funding tends to be offered for the development of a tool/technology solution.
  • Skills
    Main focus of skills likely to be focused on ideas for new content, management and networking. Some technical skills, especially on writing and new distribution/sales opportunities. Work with local groupings and MG Alba to identify skills gaps over the next few years. Work with trade groupings, SDS, Skillset and Creative and Cultural Skills to deliver.
  • Distribution
    HIE will look more closely at the issues of distribution. This will take the form of attendance at trade events/showcases selling content and talent, looking at existing forms of distribution and market access e.g. the role of festivals and retail outlets, and examining new methods of reaching market and new business models e.g. e-books etc.
  • New funding models
    Develop new partnerships to look at increasing access to private funding, particularly the possibility of working with micro finance schemes.
  • Cross sub-sectoral development and showcasing
    Another obvious development in the sector is that fewer people identify themselves as working in only one sub-sector, e.g. music or film. Instead they have begun look at how their skills apply in other subsectors and how business models can be adapted.
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