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The Highlands and Islands of Scotland has been at the forefront of homeworking solutions and developing cost effective, sustainable ways of working for over 15 years.

There is now a range of businesses operating across the region using homeworkers. Homeworkers may be self employed, as well as in full and part time employment.

In the UK around 3.5m people work from home. In Scotland 9.4% of the workforce works from home. This is the lowest percentage penetration in the UK which suggests there is scope for increased homeworking. HIE is keen to work with employers, investors and individuals to increase homeworking opportunities in our region. 

The success for employers and employees has led to Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) actively promoting the benefits of using homeworkers to clients looking to invest in the area. 

Homeworking can introduce career opportunities in rural communities, including new options for people who might find it difficult to attend a traditional workplace for various reasons such as a caring responsibilities, a disability or limited access to transport.

Employing a homeworking model offers businesses access to a wider skills pool and creates sustainable communities in some of Scotland's more rural areas.

Homeworking, underpinned by high-speed, universal digital connectivity and its exploitation, has the potential to contribute to a low-carbon economy.

This business model offers significant opportunities for low cost business growth and increased job opportunities in rural areas.

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