Business services

Business services has had a positive impact on the region's economic growth and stability as a result of collaborative working between public and private sectors. 

HIE has forged a productive, proactive and forward-thinking relationship with business services providers. We see the Highlands and Islands as an exceptional location where companies can achieve stability and success within a supportive business environment that fosters initiative and encourages growth and development.

HIE not only recognises the strong regional contribution of the business services sectors, but also its considerable future potential, given continuous investment.

This commitment goes beyond conventional incentives such as providing property, financial and workforce development assistance for businesses relocating to or launching in the area. We also make on-going investments in strategic industry development, in product and market research and in running innovative pilot projects with interested parties.

Account management support
HIE appoints dedicated Account Managers to key accounts to provide intensive support under the Account Management programme.

The Account Manager's role is to support the company on an on-going-basis providing advice and assistance and acting as a facilitator to other business development services available from within HIE and other organisations.

This could include access to a range of support from organisations such as Skills Development Scotland, Job Centre Plus, Highland Employer Coalition, UHI, Training Providers, Chamber of Commerce and high calibre recruitment agencies.

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