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Explore the benefits of employing homeworkers

Is homeworking right for your business?

Recent research from the Glasgow University highlighted why homeworking is good for GBS companies:

  • By widening the recruitment pool, companies can attract individuals and skills that may not otherwise be available
  • With staff valuing the fact that employers are taking account of their needs, levels of morale, motivation and productivity are higher than average
  • Costs in infrastructure are reduced such as office space, as well as reduced running costs like electricity usage
  • With staff spread across locations, disaster recover issues are minimised (such as power failure) and are unlikely to affect all staff simultaneously

Productivity, Attrition and Cost Reduction :

Operators like BT and Serco have been supported to trial homeworking models to evidence the benefits for both employers and employees, whilst also making a significant contribution to their businesses low carbon agenda.

These pilot projects resulted in cost savings, productivity gains, increased levels of worker satisfaction, reduced levels of sickness absence and attrition.  Such productivity gains experienced in these pilots are not uncommon in homeworking studies.


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