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Top tips about working effectively from home 


So you’ve made the decision that you would really like to try working from home and now you are taking your first steps towards a 'virtual career'. Aside from earning money it’s really important that you find the right balance between your work life and having a happy home. Here are some of our top tips for making it a success:

1. TRY IT ON FOR SIZE - If you are just starting out, perhaps you might try opting for a short project or period of working from home so you can see if it suits you, your family and your life. Some people have difficulties focusing when they work from home but it is all about finding the right balance for you.

2. GET DRESSED FOR SUCCESS – As tempting as it may be, some people may think that one of the best perks about working from home is being able to wear your pyjamas into the office. How ever, plenty of successful home workers will tell you that getting dressed helps to delineate working hours from your home life. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a suit and tie but the simple act of wearing something comfortable and smart will help you change your mindset for a professional working day ahead. 

3. GET ORGANISED - It can be difficult to prioritise your schedule when you first start working from home so make sure you use a paper or digital diary to keep track of upcoming events and tasks.

4. MAKE YOUR WORK SPACE WORK FOR YOU - Make your office space your sanctuary. This area is where you come to work so make sure it has everything you need to complete your work within easy reach. Partitioning it off from the rest of the home will also help family and friends understand when working time starts and that interruptions need to kept to a minimum.

5. GET OUT MORE - Now we know that this may sound like a counterintuitive suggestion but it is essential that you take some time to leave the house. If you were working in a normal office situation you would have your commute time, tea breaks down to the staff room, lunch breaks and even an appointment or two out of the office. These all give you the chance to have a change of scenery and a break from the computer.  When you first start working from home, it can be easy to fall into the habit of not taking these typical breaks and end up never leaving the home. Schedule time into your day time to go to the shops, run some errands or simply walk the dog. Without these little changes of scenery, your life and work can begin to blend into one. 




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