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Virtual skills – the new buzz word 

These days there’s no need to be chained to the office if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle. You only need to look over your desk partition to see that the working from home concept is rapidly becoming the new norm around the world. The buzz word in the employment industry is 'Virtual Skills' and everyone has them. 

Having virtual skills and being a home worker generally means that you use your skills and training to produce work for external clients from your home or remote location via an internet connection and telephone. When most people hear the word "Home Worker," they often think of a call centre agent who works from home. But the field has exploded into a variety of skill sets that could be very valuable to various professionals. These days, a Home Worker is someone a lot of busy professionals just can't do without.

A common misconception about homeworking is that it is not suitable for people working in managerial roles or for international business. Stewart Lackie, a Senior Facilities Manager with international account management responsibilities defies the old stereotypes of home workers. Stewart provides facilities and IT services to multinational corporate clients in 19 international markets all from the comfort of his home in the Black Isle.

Employers across all industries are looking to drive down overheads and are now looking to fill their vacancies by people who provide remote services and virtual skills to grow their businesses. Any home with a computer and a telephone can become a virtual office so now it’s all just a matter of turning on your PC and connecting to employer who needs your skills. Home workers no longer have to commute long distances or work inflexible hours.  Now you can decide what hours of the day you want to work and what kinds of projects you work on.

If you think that you would like to know a little more about working from home please click on the link below and sign up to the Skills Register. Signing up will give you vital information about opportunities, events and training while also helping to attract more employers and opportunities to your area.


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