Community Support

Strengthening communities and fragile areas

Communities in the Highlands and Islands offer a diverse range of resources, opportunities and skills. HIE's ambition is to see every community across the area reach its full potential.

For almost 50 years we have been nurturing the development of dynamic sustainable communities. We work alongside local groups and organisations making a real impact on people's quality of life.

We are building a close relationship with a wide range of social enterprises working in our communities, helping them to grow. We also deliver initiatives focused on developing the region's remote and fragile areas.

In shaping the future, HIE recognises the value of our communities' heritage. We actively support the development of innovative opportunities in arts and culture, in crofting and for Gaelic.

Community Led Development    Community Assets    Supporting Crofting Communities    Community Energy

    Enabling a Strong Social Enterprise    Community Broadband Scotland    Minimum Income Standard

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