Social enterprise support

How we work with social enterprises

HIE is committed to raising awareness and directly supporting the important social and economic role that social enterprise deliver.

Social enterprises trade just like any other businesses, but at their heart they have a social purpose.  They trade for social, community and environmental benefits rather than distributing profits to shareholders or owners.

Across the HIE area social enterprises own and manage land, including whole estates and islands, harness renewable energy technologies, create employment, undertake infrastructure projects and provide an increasingly diverse range of essential services.

The Scottish Government recognises the direct contribution that social enterprises make to the growth of Scotland's economy, the wellbeing of its citizens and the improvement of its public services.  Likewise, HIE sees social enterprises as being increasingly important contributors to social and economic growth in the Highlands and Islands.

In December 2016, the first dedicated, long-term Social Enterprise Strategy was published by the Scottish Government and includes a number of steps aimed at growing a sector and driving inclusive growth over the next decade.  

Starting your social enterprise

If you are considering setting up a social enterprise, Just Enterprise, HISEZ and Business Gateway can offer help to develop your business and how you might access funding.

Social enterprise financial sustainability

Financial sustainability encompasses everything that enables social enterprises to realise their targeted income.  In addition to financial assistance, HIE, through the account management relationship with its clients can offer access to advice, either directly, or through specialist external sources.

Growing your social enterprise

HIE has a close working relationship with around 150 social enterprises across the Highlands and Islands through our account management approach.  These social enterprises deliver a diverse range of services and products, but have the shared ambition to significantly expand their activities.

For more information on HIE support to help grow your social enterprise, please contact your local HIE Area Office.


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