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Shetland Amenity Trust

Groves Raines Architects Drawing of Sumburgh Head

What do they do? / Dè bhitheas iad a’ dèanamh?

Shetland Amenity Trust (SAT) was created in 1983 and has delivered an impressive portfolio of high quality heritage and cultural projects over the past 30 years.

The Trust operates a number of visitor attractions throughout Shetland including Shetland Museum and Archives, Old Scatness Broch & Iron Age Village and Viking Unst.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, work has been progressing on the ambitious £5.4 million Sumburgh Head development due for completion in Spring 2014, adding an additional income generating asset to their portfolio.

Lighthouse buildings are being authentically restored, new facilities added and interpretive material introduced, culminating in the creation of a world class visitor attraction and preserved iconic landmark.

Education and lifelong learning are at the core of this cultural and natural heritage project, with the newly built education centre to be used by a plethora of schools and visitor groups.

The Journey / An Turas

The beginning – HIE’s involvement / Mar a tha HIE an sàs

As one of the major third party trusts in Shetland, HIE has an established affiliation with this organisation and entered into an account management relationship in October 2011.

In financial year 2011/2012, SAT administered nearly £4.9 million of restricted funds for a multitude or projects and services.  SAT’s key challenge is that their income continues to be substantially from grants and service level
agreements with 33% from the Shetland Charitable Trust for core activity and 27% from Shetland Islands Council for the provision of museum and archive services.

Both of these organisations are looking for cuts and savings so it is imperative that SAT look to increase their levels of other traded activity, i.e. through shop sales and facility hire at the Museum and other facilities, tourism accommodation lettings and their Enviroglass Centre which recycles waste glass into a range of sustainable building products.

HIE’s contribution / An taic bho HIE

HIE has invested in two income generating assets as part of SAT’s growth plan - £200,000 towards the Sumburgh Head Development (an asset which should generate at least £80,000 annually through admission fees, facilities hires and accommodation lets) and £70,000 towards a £195,000 project for developing the Enviroglass operation, increasing annual traded turnover by at least £30,000 whilst preserving the recycling of 500-600 tonnes of waste glass.

With SAT increasingly aware of the need for increased marketing of their income generating assets and visitor attractions, HIE has also provided a TalentScotland graduate placement programme to join their marketing and communications team.  The graduate has been developing a number of websites as well as working towards developing a marketing strategy for the Sumburgh Head Lighthouse and Visitor Centre.

Sumburgh Head Lighthouse - Frank Bradford

Expected Outcomes / Na Builean

HIE’s support will assist SAT to focus on their income generating potential and therefore result in an increase in turnover in the social economy.

The projects HIE has supported will also contribute to a number of social impacts through increased visitor numbers/participants accessing cultural facilities and in the case of Enviroglass, the diversion of waste glass from landfill.

However, in the context of deep public sector cuts in Shetland, an expected outcome of HIE’s focus is helping
social enterprises like SAT stabilise through this particularly challenging period.

Contact for further information / Tuilleadh fios bho

Fiona Stirling, Tel. 01595 744927

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