Managing community funds

Models of ownership

Shapinsay turbine

Communities can attain benefit, revenue and investment from renewable energy projects in three ways. These depend on, and are linked to, the type of ownership of the developments:

  • Community owned – community owned and developed, on land owned by or leased to the community that delivers direct revenues that can be distributed and managed within the community
  • Joint ventures – Joint venture (JV) arrangement between the community and a third party company, either through taking a share of the equity or by financing a turbine within a development
  • Privately owned – Securing local income from a private / commercial wind farm development, usually by negotiating a community benefit payment scheme with the developer. Some developers may give an opportunity for local people to buy shares in the scheme or a local group to become partners in the development

The case studies section has examples, in their own words, from the Isle of Gigha, the Orkney islands of Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre and from Soirbheas at Glenurquhart.

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