Managing community funds

Management by a broker

You may decide to have your fund managed by an independent organisation, often called a broker.

The community may be required to:

  • appoint an appropriate organisation to provide specified services in return for a fee
  • set up a panel of local people to make decisions on grant applications.

This approach enables a local community to tap into a central source of expertise, reducing the effort required to establish or develop a suitable mechanism.

Some developers also prefer to use a broker.

One of those is RWE npower renewables Ltd whose An Suidhe Wind Farm fund gives benefit to residents in the area around Dalavich, Furnace, Inverary and Glenorchy in Argyll. This fund is administered by Foundation Scotland (formerly known as Scottish Community Foundation) and supported by a local advisory panel made up of local residents and representatives from communities in the area of benefit who decide how the fund is distributed.

Other examples of developers which use brokers to deliver community benefit funds:

  • AES, EON, RENERCO and Infinis, Falck Renewables, Wind Prospect, EDF, and RWE npower renewables have all used the Foundation Scotland to provide community and developer services.
  • Banks Developments has engaged the County Durham Community Foundation for management of the West Durham wind farm.
  • RWE / nPower Renewables has engaged the Cumbria Community Foundation for management of the Kirkby Moor wind farm.
  • Airtricity has worked in association with the Fermanagh Trust (Fermanagh’s community foundation) for management of Tappaghan, Bin Mountain and Bessy Bell wind farms.


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