Managing community funds

Examples of criteria

Geographical area

  • of the overall defined area of benefit
  • of the activity proposed
  • of activity or residency of benefiting individuals /groups/enterprises

Nature of the applicant

  • Resident/sex/demographic (but be aware and take advice on any potentially exclusive measures which could be seen as in contradiction of human rights legislation)
  • Individuals/groups/enterprises
  • Not for profit/private
  • Formally constituted/new/emerging organisations

Nature of the activity

  • Reputation – is the activity relevant, safe and legal?
  • Size/scale – different approach based on scale of financial commitment etc?
  • Well considered – evidence of research of need, cost and logistics?
  • Timescale - Discrete or repeated event, prolonged duration, or open ended activities?
  • Additionality – is it in competition with or a repetition of existing public/private sector activity?
  • Partnerships – does it involve working with other partners? Are you excluding or encouraging this?

Special interest of groups and activities (included or excluded?)

  • overall sustainability/resilience
  • environmental focus or energy efficiency
  • economic viability or incubation of enterprise
  • focused social inclusion
  • other ethical, political or religious
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