Community support

SCDC Community Support: the way ahead

SCDC's Supporting Communities package helps community groups and organisations across Scotland to effect change and contribute to the regeneration of communities.

Who is it for?

Supporting Communities will have a particular focus on working with groups that:

  • are operating in areas of disadvantage or with groups who face high levels of exclusion or disadvantage

  • have a commitment to tackling disadvantage or inequalities

  • are going through a period of transition or change within their organisation

  • are motivated to work with others and share their own experiences and learning.

What will it look like?

Within the overall support package SCDS aim to provide an average of 5 days consultancy support to around 100 community groups and organisations across the country.  The nature of this support will vary depending on the particular needs or circumstances of the participating groups, but may include:

  • advice, guidance and signposting

  • access to tools and resources

  • training delivery

  • mentoring / practical support

  • connecting and networking.

The support package is not intended to replace existing community capacity building support being provided at local level – it's designed to supplement what is already there and to help groups connect with each other and with other sources of support that exists locally.

How can groups get involved?

SCDC are promoting Supporting Communities widely and inviting groups to express interest them directly:

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How does it work?

A SCDC Development Manager will discuss your group’s needs and how they may fit with a support package.

After this initial expression of interest, SCDC will make an assessment of your group’s suitability for the programme.  If you are eligible for support, SCDC will allocate a lead worker who will meet with you and draw up a programme of support.

If SCDC feel that your group does not have a good enough fit with what they can offer, they will endeavour to provide further information or signpost you to other sources of support.

Further information

For further information about the Supporting Communities package you can email the following people:

You can also phone SCDC on 0141 248 1924.

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