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Shared Ownership of Renewable Energy

Find out how Soirbheas are using energy to generate income that benefits the wider community.

Shared Ownership workshops in June

Shared Ownership (or Community Investment) of Renewable Energy is understood by the Scottish Government to refer to any structure which involves a community group as a meaningful financial partner in a renewable energy project. This workshop session will introduce you to the opportunities available in the Highlands and Islands. We'll cover where to identify local opportunities, how to discuss opportunities with Developers and your group, the stages involved in a Shared Ownership project and what the outcomes could be for your community group or social enterprise

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Shared Ownership of Renewables -  is a new pilot programme of accelerated support to facilitate social enterprise and community investment in commercially owned renewable energy developments.

The service will support 40 Highlands and Islands communities and social enterprises to realise an income stream through investment in commercially owned renewable energy.

The service will deliver one to one support and a series of tailored development workshops and specialist support to raise awareness of, and accelerate, the completion of investment opportunities. 

Melanie MacRae, Senior Development Manager at HIE: "We recognise that some communities may not wish to take on the development of a renewable energy project single handedly.  We see investment in shared ownership as an alternative model to enable communities to generate a sustainable income from renewables.

"There are a number of opportunities in our region and we are really pleased to be able to put this support in place for our clients. The service will work closely with our existing account managed communities whilst also having a focus on our fragile and employment action areas to ensure maximum benefit for the region." 

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To find out more please contact Laura Nicolson at Local Energy Scotland.


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