Community Energy

Shared Ownership of Renewable Energy

The Scottish Government hopes to see all renewable energy projects making an offer of shared ownership where appropriate to local community groups and organisations. Making an offer of shared ownership is encouraged as good practice. Shared ownership projects are encouraged for the following mutually beneficial reasons:

  • Including an element of shared ownership will actively involve local people in the project and build relationships, creating greater positive public feeling and support for the project. Including a community group as a project partner will also strengthen the project due to the local knowledge available.

  • Shared ownership offers an opportunity to further improve trust and reputation of the renewables industry.

  • Including an element of shared ownership can be reflected in a planning application through indirect economic and social impacts.

  • To progress towards Scotland’s ambitious target of 500MW of community owned renewables.

To that end HIE have backed an 18-month long project to raise awareness of shared ownership and increase uptake of investment within communities within its region.


Shared Ownership Finance Model

The Shared Ownership Finance Model has been designed to provide your group with a tool you can use to determine the indicative financial viability of your Shared Ownership offer. This process will help you to identify what information you have or need to gather to assess the viability of your Shared Ownership investment. You will then have the information available in a clear and transparent format, ready to talk to potential lenders.

The Shared Ownership Finance Model Guide has been created to provide guidance on sample input data that can be used in the Project Finance Model. This can be used in conjunction with the Example Shared Ownership Finance Model spreadsheet to develop a model for your own project (please note that Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or later is required to view these files).

It is advisable to seek support from a Local Energy Scotland Development officer when using the Model; for further advice visit Local Energy Scotland's website

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