Community Energy

West Harris Trust

The West Harris Trust are taking forward an ambitious local energy project with support from HIE through the LCITP.

As the first project in the Highlands and Islands to be supported through the new programme, West Harris Renewables Ltd - established by the Trust to manage the project – is investigating the installation of a new locally managed innovative  green energy system.  Work is underway to investigate the feasibility of installing an array of small scale wave energy units in the Sound of Taransay. The wave energy generated would power and increase the sustainability of the new Community Enterprise Centre and social housing units which are also being developed at the site at Rubha Romagaidh in Horgabost. The wave energy will be integrated with a  small wind generator and innovative storage devices to ensure that power can be supplied on a continuous basis to customers across the site.

This project will build capacity in the local community to support other similar island energy projects around the globe.  This is an excellent opportunity for the region to be engaged in developing small scale marine renewable and to see benefits from this work flowing to the local community.

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