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The Scottish Crofting Federation, the Community Woodlands Association and the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust have joined forces in a new push to promote and develop woodland crofts. The partnership is planning a number of measures over the coming months.

A Woodland Crofts Register of Interest will be used to match up those who wish to obtain a woodland croft with those who have them to offer or plan to develop them. It's anticipated that evidence provided by the register will also help stimulate the creation of new woodland crofts.

A dedicated website has now been launched. The website provides information on the ethos of woodland crofting, as well as legal and practical considerations.

A registration form for the Woodland Crofts Register of Interest is available here

A series of knowledge share events have been hosted by each of the project partners highlighting a particular woodland crofts theme. Presentations from the Dornoch event in December 2012 can be downloaded from the menu on the left.

The events were run under the Woodlands Crofts Knowledge Share Programme which is funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

For more information visit the woodland crofts website


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