The conference was aimed at communities, community development organisations and practitioners alongside intermediaries, enablers and policy makers from across Scotland. We wanted to highlight best practice, innovations, and the current and evolving policy and legislative environment, with a focus on maximising impact from an assets and place based approach.


Opportunities for all - practising inclusion

Community-led development is inherently inclusive in character, how it is governed, consults and makes decisions. What’s less clear is how we recognise how inclusive the economic and social progress made through that effort is. This workshop will explore the characteristics of what we might call inclusive growth. What are the KPI’s that make sense for your organisation?

Putting the community in community planning partnerships

A chance to hear about progress being made in getting the grass roots community voice more integrated in community planning efforts, and to explore how we can make faster progress in mainstreaming community-led participation in CPPs.

The importance of skills to Community Development

As well as retaining and developing the skills of local people, community led projects are a vital part of opening up new opportunities for the local workforce. Stephen Sheridan of Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is hosting this session to discuss the importance of talent attraction and retention to communities. SDS will offer practical advice on topics including the Apprenticeship family, workplace development and succession planning.

Calling time on vacant and derelict land

Over 12,000 hectares of developable land in Scotland is vacant or derelict, and that doesn’t even include land which might be considered abandoned or neglected. Hamish Trench, Chief Executive of the Scottish Land Commission will outline why so much land remains an ongoing blight to our communities.  Dave Thomson of Scottish Government’s Community Land Team will then explain how communities can seek to bring land, coming under all of these various descriptions, back into productive use, through the forthcoming ‘Abandoned, neglected and detrimental land’ legislation.

Powering up community energy in new ways

The Scottish Government has been consulting on a new Energy Strategy. They are leaning towards a new joined up power, heat and transport strategy for energy supply framed within a low carbon context. With subsidies being reduced the time is now for communities to plan how best for them to do this with the renewable and low carbon resources they have available. Hear from a group that have done just this!

Enterprising communities – building a long term successful community business

Hear from two long standing community led businesses on how to build and sustain a successful business; the importance of diversifying income streams, effective financial management and strong community support.

Building your community-led housing project

Affordable housing is at the heart of building sustainable communities. Hear from Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust and 2 successful community housing projects on the funding and delivery mechanisms available to communities and top tips for success.

Ready for investment?

Moving from asking to earning – understanding the potential of social investment for social enterprises and communities. This workshop will demonstrate how social investment, in the right circumstances, can liberate and enable organisations to take control of their own futures.

By explaining the social investment landscape and the various players within it, it will be demonstrated (using case studies) how social enterprises and communities can access the right money reflecting their development stage and specific needs.

Getting creative with Heritage

This workshop will explore opportunities to incorporate emerging virtual reality and augmented reality digital technology, through a heritage sector example.

Timespan will show what it has achieved, and describe how it sees its future opportunities to build on that success.

GSA will give an overview of the emerging technology landscape, and highlight the most obvious opportunities for communities.

Engaging your community – make it happen

Simple tools for organising community events to bring people together, exchange ideas and make stronger, more active communities.

Sound good? Find out what the Leapfrog project is all about, and hear from a community that’s tried it.

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