Strengthening Communities Conference 2019

Did you come along to the SCCS19? Here are the short films of the fantastic work taking place in our communities.


Our Strengthening Communities Conference this year highlighted the vital social and economic role of communities in developing their futures. We filmed the work of just some of them and we'd love to share them with you. Here's the first.


Sandwick in Shetland was one of our areas recently featured at the Strengthening Communities Conference. They’ve led a variety of community-led projects which benefit both local people and the growing number of visitors.  At HIE, we can work with communities to look at opportunities to deliver vital economic and social growth.


Community groups from across Scotland gathered at our recent Strengthening Communities Conference.  The event highlighted the vital role of community economic and social development. As part of the event we featured how the community of Westray in Orkney are at the heart of ensuring a fantastic quality of life for the residents.


Northmavine is a community which brought some Nortenergy to our Strengthening Communities Conference this year. Find out how solving the issue of food miles to Shetland led to the development of the innovative Polycrub. Are there opportunities in your community which could bring sustainable benefits? We’re here to help.


Necessity is the mother of invention. And if it’s worth doing why not do it to benefit your whole community? Find out how solving a problem at the beautiful Fairy Pools in Skye is leading to benefits for locals and visitors alike thanks to the Minginish community. 

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