Community Broadband Scotland

Community Broadband Scotland

Fibre Optic                                                               

Fibre Optic (or Optical Fibre) is the ultimate future-proof solution for your network. Although this may be a more expensive and time consuming option, once your fibre has been laid in the ground, bandwidth possibilities are almost boundless.

There are a number of things to consider before opting to bury cables in the ground: Commercially, costs for employing a contractor to lay optic fibre cable can be astronomical. However, if you have access to agricultural equipment, it may be possible to reduce these costs dramatically by laying the cable yourself. Obviously permission from each landowner and Highways Agency will be required. Obtaining permission from landowners may not always be straight-forward, and could lead to long delays, or parts of the network that can't be connected or joined using fibre. Some locally based companies now provide fibre laying services at much lower cost than the commercial telco rate. This may be a fast and relatively cost-effective route to providing a fibre network.

Another consideration is that although you may be able to install optic fibre to future-proof your network within your community itself, it is unlikely to be viable to use fibre for backhaul. The nature of remote communities usually means they are geographically positioned tens of kilometres from the nearest Network Access Point, making a fibre dig of this length expensive and time-consuming. It may be a more practical solution to use Optic Fibre to connect individual properties, and another technology such as Microwave Radio for your backhaul link.

You will need to purchase Internet Bandwidth from your chosen provider. This may be done at your Network Access Point if available from your Telecommunications Company. Alternatively, you may purchase a Point to Point connection from your Telecommunications provider to a Datacentre, where Internet Connectivity from a number of providers will be available.

Bear in mind that although Optic Fibre provides Next Generation Access possibilities, this will be limited by the Internet Bandwith you purchase commercially and the bandwidth of your backhaul connection.

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